10 Random Facts About the Author 

1. Judy Balan is the over-thinking parent of an over-thinking child.

2. Reality overwhelms her at times, which is why she enjoys making stuff up.

3. When she’s not writing novels, she’s fighting and making up with her daughter, heading the creative team at Raising iBrows and consuming way too much Nutella.

4. She has a compulsive need to analyze everything and everyone and is fascinated by human behaviour.

5. Judy’s favourite thing to do as a child was losing herself in elaborate day dreams. A habit that has come in handy when writing books.

6. This is her first book for children and she hopes to write many more (hopefully, stories with orcs, dragons and such).

7. Nina is equal parts Kiara (her daughter) and tween Judy.

8. Her previous books were the bestselling Two Fates and Sophie Says. Both these books were for grownups.

9. She likes to imagine that in an alternate universe, she’s a psychologist, philosopher and anthropologist all rolled into one.

10. Judy loves hearing from her readers, so do write to her at balan.judy@gmail.com or check out her website www.judybalan.com


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